Call of Duty: World at War is coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility today. Now, all back compat COD titles are purchasable on Xbox One

The other games coming to BC today are:- 

E4, EnclevermentExperiment and FunTown Mahjong are coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility today

What's this crowdfunded prizepool thing about?
- 25% of the sales of Championship Zed and the Championship ward will go toward raising the prizepool.

Here's the base prizepool:
World Champion - $1,000,000 USD
2nd place - $250,000 USD
3rd / 4th place - $150,000 USD
5th - 8th place - $75,000 USD
9th - 12th place - $45,000 USD
13th - 16th place - $25,000 USD

Team icons also give teams money so if u want to support your favorite team that's the way to go. I think. Maybe it goes to a regional pool or something. Rito hasn't been super clear about this lol

When's Worlds?
- Group stage W1: sept 29 - oct 2
- Group stage W2: oct 6 - oct 9
- Quarterfinals: oct 13 - oct 16
- Semifinals: oct 21 - oct 22
- Finals: sept: oct 29

Where do I buy tickets?

What kind of merch will I be able to buy?

Anything more I should know about?
- Some dude named Zedd is playing at worlds, apparently it's a big deal idk...

Need more info written by someone not shit at writing like me?
Check out the worlds official about page
Official Rito VODs
League OT

Official Rito VODs


Worlds History 
Top players at Worlds

Worlds 2016 theme
Worlds Collide
That awesome 2013 anime video

get on our pick'ems group!

that faker gif 

News credits :-

Free-to-play hero shooter Paladins has taken Steam by storm since entering open beta on 16 September. According to sales and player stat trackers, the early access title from Hi-Rez Studios has become one of the top games based on concurrent players and has been downloaded almost 800,000 times.

Developed by the creators of hit MOBA Smite and the critically acclaimed FPS Tribes: Ascend, Paladins has been subject to a fair amount of wry looks due to its aesthetic and mechanical similarities to Blizzard's Overwatch.

Despite the lingering criticisms – several Steam users have referred to Hi-Rez Studios' offering as "Overwatch for poor people" – since entering open beta on 16 September, Paladins has been downloaded 788,324 times at time of writing (via SteamSpy), with a peak of 38,439 concurrent players on 18 September.

Players also seem to be relatively impressed with the game, garnering a "very positive" overall rating of 84% based on 10,065 user reviews on Steam. According to the page's description, the shooter is "very much in beta" and "iterating on ideas and player feedback." It also states that despite being in early access, the game will "always be free-to-play".

Paladins utilises the same hero shooter formula of titles such as Overwatch and Gearbox's Battleborn, where players choose from a broad selection of diverse "Champions" with different skill-sets and strengths in the game's '5v5' arenas. Hi-Rez Studios' take on the increasingly popular genre differentiates itself with its contemporaries with a MOBA-lite Card and Deck system that influence a hero's abilities in battle, and ride-able mounts such as horses and mechs.

Hi-Rez Studios' COO Todd Harris addressed criticisms that Paladins is an Overwatch 'clone' in a statement to IGN. Harris argued that many of the similarly styled characters "were available and playable in the Paladins beta long before similar character abilities were shown in Overwatch" and are inspired by genre classics such as Team Fortress 2, but with a fantasy design twist.

Fallout 4 mods have been the talk of the town during the last few weeks, as Bethesda has revealed that, due to restrictions coming from Sony, it won't be able to ship them on PS4 as soon as they thought and not the way they intended at first. Anyway, it seems the developer is still working on alternative solutions (to run Fallout 4 Mods on PS4) to offer mod experiences to its users.

Talking with fans on Twitter, marketing VP Pete Hines said the developer is still thinking of ways that would allow it to workaround Sony's restrictions for what matters mods on PS4.

"I assure you we don't lack for alternatives. We are trying to do the most possible for PS4 players," Hines said to a follower on Twitter. However, he didn't provide further details about how Bethesda actually thinks to fix this, as Sony has seemingly shown not a lot of interest in this feature. Unless until Bethesda made these issues public, and Microsoft did a few efforts into making them something they can use to their advantage.
Fallout 4 Mods on Xbox One are available since May.







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