Jesse Eisenberg Confirms The Return Of Lex Luthor In JUSTICE LEAGUE

Jesse Eisenberg has finally confirmed his role in “Justice League.” The actor revealed that he will be joining the cast and crew of the film in August to shoot his portions. During a recent interview with ShortList, Eisenberg spoke about returning as the Man of Steel’s arch-nemesis, and his future in the DC Film Universe as the power-hungry billionaire.

“They are filming (Justice League) now, and I jump in from August,” Eisenberg told ShortList. “I loved the character and it was the most fun I’ve ever had at playing a role, and most challenging, in a great way, and most rewarding. I would love to play it for years.”
Talking more about playing Lex Luthor in the massive DC Cinematic Universe, the “Now You See Me 2” star said, “It’s very exciting for me to play that role. And, secondarily, it’s interesting to be in these massive, high-profile movies, because all the stuff around you as an actor is really good. All the artists are really great, so you walk on to a set and it’s the most-detailed, comprehensive set, and as an actor it really fills in your imagination in a special way. You’re also acting with incredible actors.”
It remains to be seen whether Luthor will continue to be part of the DCU beyond the two Justice League movies. Warner Bros. has a pretty packed slate of superhero films lined up and they could definitely use some iconic villains like Luthor crossing over. “I certainly hope he stays alive throughout the next few films.” said Eisenberg.