The Nintendo 64 was originally released 20 years ago today

How time flies, huh?

The Nintendo 64 was originally unleashed in Japan on June 23rd 1996, today marks the 20th anniversary of that day (also the release of Super Mario 64).

Given the timing of the release date I guess a lot of Gaf is familiar with the system, and either grew up with it or at least around the years it was around so I guess I don’t need to explain how human being used that controller.

I’ve found that that it’s rather difficult to go back to the system though, at least for the most part, if you don’t have nostalgia for certain games it’s rather hard to go back, and sometimes even if you do. This rather applies to the early 3D games as a whole and there are plenty of PlayStation games with the same issues.

I did however beat the campaing of Goldeneye for the first time a few months ago, that game is still lot of fun.
I guess I didn’t have much to write here after all.
Heh, at least some N64 recomendations, will leave out the more obvious popular games.

Mischief Makers
Doom 64
Beetle Adventure Racing
Wonder Project J2
Both Goemon games
The Custom Robo games
Sin and Punishment