Samsung Asks All Global Partners to Stop Sales And Tells Owners To Stop Using It

Samsung Will Ask All Global Partners to Stop Sales and Exchanges of Galaxy Note7 While Further Investigation Takes Place – reports by Samsung Electronics.

Samsung telling all Note 7 purchasers ought to shut down and quit utilizing the gadget quickly , in light of taking after various reports of “recently” discharged Galaxy Note 7s overheating and smoking.

New: @ElliotKayeCPSC calls on all consumers w/ replacement #GalaxyNote7 to power down, stop using, and seek refund.

— Scott Wolfson (@Scott_Wolfson) October 10, 2016

Samsung appeared to have the inconvenience under control when it quickly announced a worldwide recall  two weeks after the phone’s dispatch. In any case, customers have reported even the new replacement Note 7 phones were bursting into flames.

Beat US and Australian carriers on Monday suspended deals or trades of the Note 7s.

The Note 7 recall is Samsung’s first cell phone recall and its greatest crisis in years.