Justice League : First Official picture of Amber Heard as Aquaman’s wife, Mera.

DC Films and Justice League director Zack Snyder released the first official picture of Amber Heard as Aquaman’s wife the Queen of Atlantis, Mera.

Michael Wilkinson is the costume designer on Justice League, The plan is really near her comic book partner.

#JusticeLeague: Here is our first look at #AmberHeard as #Mera from @IGN! The last two are official concept art works for her design. pic.twitter.com/1jZ8x6kUgv

— DC Films (@DCfilms_) October 12, 2016

Production  on Justice League is done in the United Kingdom, yet the film is as yet shooting abroad, this time in Iceland.

Last month Zack Snyder just discharged a fresh out of the box new photograph of Ben Affleck as Batman in what Snyder calls the “Tactical Batsuit“.

Justice League will arrive in theaters on November 10, 2017.