Japan wants to light the 2020 Olympic cauldron with a flying car

A car that gets off the ground to light the Olympic cauldron may seem like a dream, however youthful engineers are working here to make it a reality at the 2020 Tokyo Games.

SkyDrive – the vehicle being referred to – is in the plan and creation organize at Japanese specialist gather Cart!vator and is being tried in a nullified grade school claimed by Toyota. The completed one-seater car is relied upon to be around 3.5 meters in length and 1.3 meters wide. It’ll have three wheels permitting it to drive, and utilize four swiveling rotors for vertical take-off and arriving, and also steering the auto noticeable all around.

The arrangement is to purportedly drive the car around the athletic track in the new national stadium before flying it into the air to light the cauldron in the climactic snapshot of the opening function.

SkyDrive maker Tsubasa Nakamura, plan to convey its flying car to people in general making “to a new era where everyone can fly freely”.

“If technological innovation is achieved in the battery performance and other fields, the vehicle could be commercialized in the future,”  said Masafumi Miwa, a partner teacher of mechanical engineering at Tokushima University’s master’s level college, who is working with the group.

The group trusts they will require around 30 million yen ($A$380,000) to accomplish their initially kept an eye on test flight.