New production listing seemed to reveal the working title for the next X-Men film

Production Weekly released their latest issue, for the week of January 12th, which featured not the usual one, but two separate X-Men listings: one for the aforementioned New Mutants spin-off and one for the mysterious X-Men: Supernova.

Further details weren’t provided and it’s still up in the air even today whether or not the title is actually in reference to a new X-Men film or if it’s just a mistake, but based on a recently posted second listing, it’s starting to look like it might indeed be the former. The production tracking website My Entertainment World updated their site this morning with listings for the New Mutants feature film, which as expected will begin filming in late-April in Montréal, and also opened a new listing for X-Men: Supernova with a expected shoot date of mid-May 2017, also in Montréal. Check it out below: