Mercedes’ Electric Urban eTruck Will Hit The Road Roads In 2017

Mercedes’ electric Urban eTruck is going to hit the road this year. It uses three lithium-ion battery modules to provide a range of 124 miles, enough to carry out urban delivery tasks. The truck has a max load of around 28,000 pounds.

The roll out is going to occur slowly. Mercedes is initially delivering a “low two-figure” number of vehicles to customers in Germany and the truck’s availability will then expand across Europe.

Two sizes, 18 tonnes and 25 tonnes, will be offered. The Urban eTruck also comes in three styles: refrigerated body, dry box body, and platform.

During the first roll out, which is technically a pilot program, owners will use the trucks for 12 months. Their use will give Mercedes valuable data that’ll be used to further improve the vehicle.

A more complete release is going to occur before 2020.