The official title of “Sonic the Hedgehog” series new work “Project Sonic 2017” is decided as “SONIC FORCES”. “Sonic Mania” postponed release

Sega implemented a panel session ” Gotta Go Fast: The Official Panel of Sonic the Hedgehog “at the Arts Festival SXSW currently in Austin, Texas . Among them, Mr. Takashi Iizuka, a producer of the Sega Sonic Team, wrote “Sonic the Hedgehog” series’s new works ” Sonic Mania ” and “Project Sonic” which will be released this year for Windows / Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4 / Xbox One Some new information on 2017 was revealed.

First of all, Mr. Iizuka said in a session that began with “Sonic Mania”, while presenting the real thing of the limited edition with the Sonic figure scheduled to be released abroad, is currently undergoing intensive development. However, it is said that it will take some more time to finish a high-quality game, and announced that it will postpone the schedule to be released this summer to this summer schedule.

* Flying Battery Zone of the stage was showcased by Angel Island where knuckles also appears

Regarding “Project Sonic 2017”, Mr. Iizuka announced that its official title is “SONIC FORCES”. “FORCES” means “army”, but this is the keyword of this work, and the battle between Sonic and his companion “hero army” and Eggman led “evil corps” is drawn. Three unique gameplay styles are included, and there are elements that explore the map. Mr. Iizuka admits that modern sonic and classic sonic will also appear.

Its development is handled by the same team as “Sonic Generations” and “Sonic Colors”, and it uses a new game engine “Hedgehog Engine 2”. With this new engine, glow bar illumination and physical rendering are processed at high speed, it is possible to enhance expression of water and light. And at the venue, a game play trailer using modern sonic was demonstrated. It is expected to officially be released on YouTube tomorrow. The release date of “SONIC FORCES” has remained the same as before, and it is the 2017 holiday season.

* Panel session Gameplay trailer shot at the venue
update :- You can watch the trailer and check out new screenshots below: