A new PTR patch of “Overwatch” including a large balance adjustment of Lucio is delivered

The other day, Jeff Kaplan answered fans’ questions AMA session was held, “Overwatch” (overwatch) where topics such as Rushio’s adjustment, Widowmaker’s Legendary Skin, Treasure Box gift feature was reported, today A new patch for PTR was delivered, details of changes including Lucio ‘s significant balance adjustment, game creation / expansion for game browsers, addition of lower, and numerous bugfixes became clear.

■ General fix

  • Added explanation related to back story unique to each hero in a part skin of the hero gallery. (Ana’s “Mos” skin – for example, Ana is acting as a codename “Mos” these days and has been won by Egypt for alleged intelligence, assault, theft)
  • Rival play: Added a tracking system aimed at correcting draws based on progress of acquisition of objective in assault and assault / escort maps. * Restricted map rotation of rival play for Eichenwalde and Hanamura for testing.
  • Game creation and game browser: Default settings can be saved from setting page of custom game creation. Also added access using map image of “Create game” and right click on “game search” game name.
  • Eichenwalde map: Add a new route connected to the capture point in the spawn area of ​​attack team.

■ Update of Lucio

  • Sonic Amplifier
    • Increase the speed of sonic bullets from 40 to 50.
    • When knocking back the target with sound wave (sub attack), change to consider the vertical direction.
  • cross fade
    • Reduced the area effect radius of the song from 30 meters to 10 meters. Along with this, temporarily add visuals of effect radius that only Rusio and teammates can see in the game. (There are reference images below ※)
    • Heal song: 50% increase in recovery per second. (Up · It · Up effect is also applied)
  • Sound Barrier (Ultimate): Reduce effect radius from 30 meters to 20 meters.
  • Wall Ride (Passive): Increased speed of movement during a wall ride by 30%. A speed increase is obtained when leaving the wall.
  • According to Blizzard, Lucio was felt as an essential pick from universal capability that provides recovery output and extensive speed bonus. The aim of this adjustment is to make it more difficult to apply the bonus to all teams while maintaining this strength. Along with the adjustment, Lucio actively acts to fulfill its role, it is possible to obtain a stronger effect.


Reference: A green line indicating the effect range of the cross fade was temporarily added


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