New MATRIX Project Is Now Said To Be A Prequel That Follows A Young Morpheus

Zak Penn , the screenwriter attached to the new Matrix project that’s in development at Warner Bros. has taken to Twitter to refute reports that he’s scripting a reboot, citing  the Animatrix and the Matrix comics for clues as to what the film would look to explore.  He also candidly calls descriptions of the project as a reboot or remake as inaccurate.



In addition, Birth Movies Death, is reporting that WB wants to set up a writers room to create a shared cinematic franchise set in the world of the Matrix that features projects set before, during and after the original Matrix trilogy much the same way that Disney and Lucasfilm are piloting the Star Wars franchise.  They add that a new Matrix installment is something that’s definitely going to happen and that a prequel following a younger Morpheus is but one of several options currently being weighed.