HairstylesFor Girls – 11 hairstyles to look younger

To look younger, there are those who choose to have their chest , nose , mouth … and those who cheat thanks to their hairstyle. Since we can not advise you to go into the hands of a hairdresser rather than billiards, we have selected 11 haircuts that will make you look younger.

 The right color

The coloring is a good alternative to look younger, it allows in particular to camouflage the white hair. Choose a light color that will soften the facial features, avoid blondes too pronounced like blond platinum, a warm blond is ideal. Colors that are too dark have a tendency to dig the facial features, so you have to find the right middle ground, not too bright or too dark.


The ponytail is a classic, whether in the evening or in the middle of the day, it is the hairstyle to adopt to look younger. The gathering of the hair at the back allows to pull the facial features and therefore lose a few years. One is careful, the ponytail can give an air too strict or severe.

The glued braids

Jada Pinkett Smith likes to change haircut, time passes but does not seem to reach it.In this picture, Will Smith’s wife is wearing glued braids that, like the ponytail, drag her hair backwards and make it possible to draw the features of her face. Timeless, glued braids allow it to always look younger.

The fuzzy chignon

Feminine and easy to achieve, the blurry bun is ideal for hiding the signs of age. Many people decide to drop sophisticated hairstyles for simplicity. The hairy effect of the blurred bun gives a little more modernity. Add a headband to your hairstyle and you’re done.


The long fringe

The long fringe is a good trick to hide the small wrinkles of the forehead, the wrinkle of the lion and the wrinkles of the crow’s feet. One avoids the graphic cuts and therefore the too straight fringes that tend to harden the face. The fringe is worn long and tapered to give punch and movement to the hair.

The short square

The short square is the ideal hairstyle to appear a few years less. It is a modern cut, which gives the impression of a cooler and less tired face.

The flexible corrugations

Exit the undulating brushings at the Dallas, to appear a few years less, it is better to bet on soft and natural undulations that soften the facial features.

The fringe on the side

Like the long fringe, the angled fringe can hide the small wrinkles of the crow’s feet.Thanks to its natural movement, it rejuvenates the face, while giving style and volume to the cut.


Long hair does not necessarily age. Provided to bet on a degraded cut that will give movement to the hair. Too smooth and too straight, the long cuts harden the face and accentuate the signs of fatigue.

The disheveled headdress

The tied hair , drawn back, can give the face a strict air. On a too open forehead, small defects (wrinkles, stains …) will tend to come out. To cheat, we leave a few scattered locks fall back to the front of the face and we put on a style coiffé-décoiffé, modern and dynamic.

The mid-long square

As the short square, the mid-long square is a modern and dynamic cut that rejuvenates the face. To give even more movement to the hair, one dares the square blur, even destructured