Katy Perry barely single: She already cracks for another famous actor

The singer separated last month from Orlando Bloom

Barely separated from her darling Orlando Bloom , the beautiful Katy Perry did not waste time to get back into the saddle. According to information from the Daily Mail , the popstar of 32 was seen in charming company at the charity gala organized for the 70th birthday of Elton John , in favor of the AIDS association that fights AIDS.

The singer, splendid in a robe Rosario sequins, would have spent a good time with a famous actor: the beautiful Ryan Phillippe , who is none other than the ex-husband of Reese Witherspoon , with whom he had two children .

At one point, he even put his hand on her knee and then removed her before returning to the charge to seduce her more. They were sitting at two separate tables but he Came to see her to sit beside her, “a witness of the scene told the English website. The beginning of a beautiful story? Time will tell us.

Recall that the interpreter of Chained to the Rhythm and the 42 year old actor are both single since the pop star split from Pirates of the Caribbean and the film’s star Intentions Gender has ended her engagement with The young Paulina Slagter (24 years).

Ryan Phillippe, who currently starred in the Shooter series , had separated from Paulina last November after ten months of commitment and five years of love. The former couple had not motivated his decision, but perhaps the difference in age between the two old lovebirds finally weighed in the balance. Especially since the beautiful boy is already the father of three children: Ava (17) and Deacon (13 years old, whose mother is his ex-wife), and Kai (5 years), born of his previous relationship with A certain Alexis Knapp .

Coline Chavaroche