Nina Dobrev in mourning: The actress mourns the death of her “longest relationship”

The star of “Vampire Diaries” struggles to recover.

For the past few days, Nina Dobrev ‘s fans have been worried. If the 28-year-old actress seems somewhat depressed on social networks, it is unfortunately not because of the stoppage of the series that revealed it , Vampire Diaries . It is much more serious than that since the one who has embodied Elena Gilbert for nearly eight seasons is in mourning.

The ex-companion of the beautiful Ian Somerhalder announced on social networks that she had unfortunately lost her best friend and loyal companion … her adorable cat!

My tender little angel, I drown in my tears, thinking of the 18 years we spent together, and you brought me so much love, joy, cuddling and rasping kisses. Where I brought you home, you held in the palm of your hand, you were all fragile and full of hair, like a tiny blanket of white cashmere, and I knew from that moment that you were my soul mate , She wrote on her Instagram page in legend of several photos of her and her hairball.

The beginning of a beautiful adventure for the pretty brunette, that we saw recently in xXx Reactivated with Vin Diesel , which was inseparable from her cat. Two years ago, she even took her with her on a trip to the Grand Canyon!

Saying goodbye last Saturday is the hardest thing I ever had to do, I was sad and at the same time glad I could hug you one last time. I miss you more than words can say but I can always feel your presence, your light and your energy I know that you are always with me and will always live in me wherever I go. . worse, until death Do us Part to my longest relationship, my rock, my best friend, I love you new lives, new names. Bambi Jami Jami Jamilia Lynx Lynx Jinx Jimmy jam Jammie Poop “he “She concluded.