Mark Hamill to pay tribute to Carrie Fisher at Star Wars Celebration

An emotional sequence during this must-see event for fans of the saga.


(© Lucasfilm)

The Star Wars Celebration, the biggest event of the year for fans of the saga, will begin in Orlando in a few days. This annual convention hosts talks and unveils extracts from the next Lucasfilm projects. But the 2017 edition will be, in many ways, very special.

Indeed, not only will this edition (which will take place from April 13 to 16) be the last before the release of the Last Jedi and the spin-off on Han Solo, but we will also celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first episode. Mark Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker, will be attending this year’s convention. He announced that he would be presenting a tribute ceremony to her sister on the screen, who was her friend in life:  Carrie Fisher .


“On April 14, fans will be able to attend a tribute to Carrie Fisher by Mark Hamill, who will discuss the talent, humor and influence of his friend and colleague,” said Star Wars website .

The return of the actor to the Celebration is already an event in itself. It was never seen until the release of the Reveil of the Force in 2015. The planned events promise moving and this edition already promises to be a memorable vintage for fans of space opera.

A few months ago, Oscar Isaac – who plays Poe Dameron in the Force Awakening had shared images of Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher resting on the filming of the Last Jedi . The actress finished shooting her scenes just before her death. So we may have the chance to see the brother and sister reunited on the screen one last time in the next film.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be released at the cinema on December 13th.