Vin Diesel on Paul Walker: “I always feel his presence and I know he accompanies us”

The action saga ‘Fast and Furious’, Vin Diesel , who plays Dominic Toretto, announced during the ‘CinemaCon’ contest, held during the last week of March, that the film franchise will continue, which Will premiere in 2019 and 2021, respectively, sealing the saga with a total of 10 films.

He also paid tribute to his friend both inside and outside the big screen, Paul Walker, who died after a car accident in 2013 and whose appearance in ‘Fast and Furious 7’ was done in a virtual way , as it will in the Next delivery on April 13, 2017 .

It was Paul who promised eight films and this was repeated over and over again in my mind, and that part of his legacy lives every time we shoot ‘Fast & Furious.'” We move and work in memory of Paul. His presence and I know that he accompanies us from wherever he is.I do not want to disappoint him, “he said during the convention.