Play Fallout and Heroes of Might and Magic 3 with your Raspberry Pi 3!

The virtual machine developed by Eltechs allows you to run the old PC 2D hits on the Raspberry Pi 3, such as the first Fallout or Heroes of Might and Magic III.

The Raspberry Pi has many strings to its bow and proves to be the platform of choice of the gamers who transform the famous nano computer in retro multiuse console. From Super Nintendo to Neo Geo, most old consoles have their native emulator running on the R-Pi’s ARM processor. A processor that was incompatible with the gigantic PC game library … until the discovery of a software by our hackaday colleagues.

The software vendor is selling its Exagear Desktop software for Raspberry Pi 3 25 €, which is nothing less than an x86 virtual machine system that allows the ARM Broadcom The small card run Windows (or other) software from Raspbian or Ubuntu Mate 16, the two supported R-Pi operating systems.

If one believes the two installation guides (Part 1 and Part 2), once the emulator is installed, just two lines of commands to install the games and see the shortcut on the desktop. If the gaming experience seems to be fluid (in windowed mode only at the moment), the loading times seem long: for Arcanum, Eltech teams recommend waiting a few minutes. Welcome to the era of the Amiga and the old PC!


Note also that Eltechs recommends using the non-protective (DRM) installers of the Polish service Good Old Games, reference of the kind. The games declared compatible are the famous Fallout and Heroes of Might and Magic II, but also Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, Arcanum, Disciples II or the venerable Caesar III. Not games of first freshness, but it is quite impressive to see that a nano computer like the Raspberry Pi 3 allows access to this playful heritage.