Alien Covenant: this is what happened on the planet of Engineers after Prometheus

Attention, spoilers to follow on Alien: Covenant. In an excerpt unveiled at the Los Angeles CinemaCon, spectators in the room were surprised to discover a spectacular scene from Ridley Scott’s film. The Wrap reports that Elizabeth Shaw’s ship (Noomi Rapace) and David (Michael Fassbender) are on the planet of Engineers. There are hundreds of local people waiting for them. But David, who obviously recovered a body since Prometheus (he was only a head at the end of the film), came out on one of the bridges to observe the Engineers, before the ship began to fire some kind of bombs Of the dark matter seen in the previous film. It covers the bodies of Engineers and melts them. In a voice-over, David gives up: “The gods have rejected the humanity they find cruel, weak and greedy, they are a dying species, trying to resuscitate … But their power is an illusion. Start again and I will not let them do it “.
The Wrap says it seems that the Covenant crew will arrive years after the genocide of David, on a planet now emptied of its inhabitants. And as a previous extract evoked it, it is the android that is responsible for the creation of xenomortphs. For the moment, we do not know what happened to the character of Elizabeth Shaw, supposed to be present at the casting.


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