Dune will be re-written by Forrest Gump’s screenwriter

Denis Villeneuve will team up with Eric Roth, Oscar winner in 1995.

At the end of 2016, Québec filmmaker Denis Villeneuve was in Paris to present Première contact, and he then evoked for Première his desire to make a remake of Dune, once his suite of Blade Runner in the box. In February, the news was confirmed by Brian Herbert, the son of the author of the series of novels by SF Frank Herbert. And today, The Hollywood Reporter adds that writer Eric Roth has been hired by Legendary Pictures to write this new film, 33 years after David Lynch’s version.

The project will thus take shape thanks to the scriptwriter who has signed several notable adaptations like Forrest Gump for Robert Zemeckis (film which gave him the Oscar for the best script adapted in 1995) The Man who whispered in the ear of the horses For Robert Redford or The Strange Story of Benjamin Button for David Fincher. For now, the project does not have shooting or release dates. This will undoubtedly be the case as soon as Villeneuve released Blade Runner 2049 at the beginning of October.