Arnold Schwarzenegger guns the new Predator: “I did not like the script”

Shane Black did not convince the star to re-enroll in his sequel.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was interviewed recently on the Terminator saga, as well as on Predator, another action franchise of the 1980s. Shane Black, screenwriter of the Fatal Weapons and director of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Iron Man 3 and The Nice Guys is turning a new sequel within this franchise, but when Yahoo! Asked Schwarzie why he was not participating in the adventure, this one was rather dry. “They offered to come back, I read the script and I did not like it, I do not like what they offer me, so no, I will not. Has a chance that they rewrite it or that they offer me a more important role in this sequence, strictly, but as such, it is not. “

A reaction that explains the silence of the director about the return of Schwarzie. Shane Black recently shared a photo of a part of the cast, but he was careful not to mention this issue. “Here’s a tip of the team.” “Good men,” and “killers, too.” Shooting begins, follow me on Twitter for news. On the other hand, he confirmed that the return of Predator would be for adults: “The PG-13 is for the wimps. Here there will be blood … a lot of blood.” Exit scheduled for 28 February 2018.