Tom Cruise shooting in Paris for over a month for M: I 6

It starts today in helicopter above Bercy.

It has been known for some time that the filming of Mission: Impossible 6 will take place partly in the French capital under the direction of Christopher McQuarrie. The City of Paris welcomes in a statement to be able to host this blockbuster by delivering some details on the economic spin-offs of a project of such magnitude. “The City of Paris welcomes the economic benefits of the shooting: 35 days of shooting will allow the hiring of more than 300 French technicians, important Accommodation costs for technical and artistic teams from the United States and England and increased activity for technical service providers in the film industry (equipment rental, special effects) Approximately € 25 million Will thus be spent on the Parisian territory. “

The release also highlights that “the hosting of this shooting is an illustration of the effectiveness of the combination of national mechanisms of attractiveness (international tax credit) and the voluntarism of the policy of the City of Paris.” Indeed, if M: I 6 is a shoot followed closely because coming from a very popular saga, the city has received many others since the beginning of the year. “This confirms the attractiveness of the capital for lovers of the 7th art, and contributes to the 15% increase in the sector for the first quarter of 2017. With more than 35 feature films and more than fifteen series The year 2017 starts very dynamic, the year 2016 having already been marked by a 30% increase compared to 2015, with 118 films and 1373 days of filming.

The shooting of M: I 6 starts today in Bercy. Finally, above Bercy, rather, as the team films in the neighborhood by helicopter announced the police prefecture on social networks.

It is unclear if the sequence in question will be “the most incredible cascade of Tom Cruise’s career”, recently teased by producer David Ellison who specified that the star has been training for a year to be able to perform without risk.

This new mission will be released on July 27, 2018, along with Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg, plus Henry Cavill, the Superman interpreter, who was cast live on Instagram by the director. On the other hand, the presence of Jeremy Renner seems compromised by the filming of Avengers 3.