Transformers: The spin-off on Bumblebee will be a prequel

The mythical Cybertron yellow and black will be entitled to his solo adventure. That summer?

During the last CinemaCon, Michael Bay took advantage of the promotion of the fifth installment of the franchise Transformers, The Last Knight, to tease the future of the franchise. If it is now known that Paramount has planned a series of 14 films that includes sequels and prequels, the most advanced project seems to be the one that will be centered on Bumblebee. The mythical Cybertron yellow and black, sports car of the hero Sam Witwicky, will indeed be entitled to his solo adventure.

Directed by Travis Knight, the filmmaker behind the animated film Kubo and the magic armor, this spin-off should go out normally in June 2018 and he murmurs that he will shoot this summer in July. On the sidelines of the CinemaCon, Michael Bay gave very little detail on the project except that it will be a prequel on the robot, thus returning to the origins of the character before the first saga of Transformers. Bay also confirmed that Bumblebee would be the only Transformer in this stand-alone.

Lorenzo di Bonaventura, producer of the Transformers franchise, also gave some information, explaining that the spin-off would be connected to The Last Knight which is released in cinemas in July 2017.