Micro: Pirates of the Caribbean 5 co-director will adapt Michael Crichton

Joachim Rønning will stage “Micro”, one of the posthumous novels written by Michael Crichton, and purchased Amblin Entertainment.

From pirates to men who shrink! According to Deadline, the film adaptation of Michael Crichton Micro’s novel was a director with the Norwegian Joachim Rønning. Micro presents a group of students traveling to Hawaii to work for a mysterious biotech company, but find themselves miniaturized and dropped into the rainforest.

Micro was not finished at the death of Michael Crichton, and the book was finished by Richard Preston. The rights were bought two years ago by Amblin Entertainment, and the screenplay written by Darren Lemke (Chicken Chari, Jack the Giant Hunter).

Crichton has always been much adapted on screens. The most recent adaptations are the Jurassic World (based on its characters from Jurassic Park) and the HBO Westworld series.

Joachim Rønning will be released on May 24th, Pirates of the Caribbean 5, which he co-directed with his comrade Espen Sandberg