Man of Steel 2: Will Dwayne Johnson be the villain of the film?

Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam is a rumor in “Man of Steel 2”, even at the expense of a “Shazam!” Movie.

A clash at the top in Man of Steel 2? A Reddit site user claims to have first-hand information about the Warner’s Man of Steel 2 project. It turns out that Dwayne Johnson would be the villain of the film, and would play Black Adam.

According to the user, the studio Warner would not be happy with the versions of the scenario of SHAZAM in which Dwayne Johnson was to appear in Black Adam. Above all, developers of the DC universe would be more interested in giving Dwayne Johnson / Black Adam visibility than a film about the Shazam superhero.

Matthew Vaughn is still in negotiations to make Man of Steel 2, but the studio continues to meet other directors to pressure Vaughn’s agent and push him to agree.

Whether these allegations are well founded or not, they stem from the recent encounter between Henry Cavill (Superman) and Johnson, and statements by the producer of The Rock about the rewriting of Shazam.

However, this rumor must be put into perspective as Johnson has just declared to MTV:

“We decided to create a script in which Black Adam has his own film, as well as Captain Marvel alias Shazam will have his own. We build our world like that, to meet one at a time.” For The Rock, therefore, nothing has changed from the initial plans of the Warner.

One thing is certain: the DC universe is advancing little by little, and undergoes modifications related to the arrival of new authors dedicated to its realization. We already owe them the change of tone (more humorous) expected in Justice League.