Cars 3: Flash faces his destiny on new posters

2 new “Cars 3” posters were unveiled. In the film directed by Brian Fee, Flash McQueen will have to face his biggest challenge but also to his greatest hope … The film is released in theaters on August 2.

After showing us Flash burn the asphalt, the new Cars 3 posters presents the red car in front of his biggest hope and challenge.

If Flash looks calm in front of newcomer Cruz Ramirez, on a beach in full sun, he seems ready to take up his biggest challenge by facing Jackson Storm on the Piston Cup circuit.

In this third installment, Flash McQueen is surpassed by a new generation of ultra-fast cars, and finds himself sidelined. To return to the race and prove that the n ° 95 always has its place, it will have to be ingenious. Cruz Ramirez, who also dreams of victory, will help her with the help of a young mechanic who is full of enthusiasm …

Brian Fee’s feature film will be released in theaters on August 2.