Aquaman: after Arrow, a new DC hero against Dolph Lundgren

Recently seen in season 5 of “Arrow”, Dolph Lundgren remains in the DC universe but on the big screen, since he joins the cast of “Aquaman” to play the villain Néré, king of Xebel.

The last time we saw him in our dark rooms was the time of a Cameo (uncredited) in the Avé, Caesar! The Coen brothers. In 2018, Dolph Lundgren will return to our screens, in the guise of Neree, king of Xebel and villain decided to kill , played by Jason Momoa, according to The Hollywood Reporter. And while Black Manta and Ocean Master, respectively incarnated by Yahya Abdul-Mateen and Patrick Wilson, are also expected on the program of the rejoicings.

Recently seen in Arrow’s season 5, Dolph Lundgren remains in the DC Comics universe, but will tackle another superhero, reminding us that movies and TV series are two distinct entities, Choice of Ezra Miller in Flash had already made it clear in 2014, while Grant Gustin had just made his debut as the world’s fastest man on the small screen.

Currently shooting under the direction of James Wan, Aquaman will be released in December 2018, and will include Nicole Kidman, Willem Dafoe and Amber Heard in key roles. And if nothing is safe for the first, the next two should show up on November 15 in Justice League, which will mark the real debut of Jason Momoa in the DC Extended Universe.