Star Wars 8: for Rian Johnson, there is only one Last Jedi!

Director Rian Johnson said he believes Star Wars’ episode VIII title “The Last Jedi” was singular to him and designated “a” last Jedi, contrary to what the French title of the film announces.

While the question of whether the title Star Wars: The Last Jedi was singular or plural had been settled by the French title that chose “The Last Jedi”, director Rian Johnson disagrees. He told Good Morning America:

“It’s so funny, when people started to wonder when the title was announced, I never even thought about it.” For me, that seems to me the most uninteresting question. “

Before giving his personal opinion:

Listen, in my mind, it’s singular.

In spite of a French title pluriel, for Johnson there is only one Jedi: “Listen, in the Reveil of the Force, they go to the last Jedi Temple, and there is the last Jedi”.

In other words, Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) is the last Jedi for the director of the film. He also confided that Carrie Fisher, the interpreter of Princess Leia, had helped him to rewrite the script for episode VIII, which will be released on December 13th.