Captain Marvel found … his directors

Like Captain America since “The Winter Soldier” and the Avengers shortly, Captain Marvel will not have one but two directors, as Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden (“Half Nelson”) were chosen to put his solo adventure in scene.

Marvel had announced that she was looking for a director and found her in the person of Anna Boden. But the latter will not be alone since his binomial Ryan Fleck will accompany him to put Captain Marvel on stage. Revealed thanks to Half Nelson, who won an Oscar nomination for Best Actor to Ryan Gosling in 2007, the duo has since alternated between television (The Big C, The Affair) and cinema (A funny story and the recent Under Pressure), with a predisposition for big-screen redemption stories.

Like Iron Man or Doctor Strange before her, the superhero incarnated by Brie Larson will touch the bottom and take advantage of her new powers (and / or her entourage) to rise to the surface and transform Carol Danvers into Captain Marvel? Born in 1968 on paper, the character is a security chief of the U.S. Air Force hit by an explosion involving Kree technology, these aliens seen in the first Avengers.

It is in fact in Infinity War, next adventure of the super-group of Marvel, that the character will make its debut on big screen on April 25, 2018, before flying in solo early 2019. And it will be before the camera of two Filmmakers whose choice is as intriguing as it is interesting, insofar as the protagonists really constitute the heart of the feature films they have staged. Also scriptwriters, he should not intervene on the script but it must be believed that this one convinced them and hope that they will not lose what makes the essence in their cinema passing in the court of blockbusters.