Avengers: Towards a radical change after Episode 4?

The producer of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige gave an update on the filming of the Avengers strands 3 and 4 intended to be shot at the same time and on the future of the franchise.

At the Collider microphone, Kevin Feige announced that contrary to what was expected, the next two Avengers films (Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4, still untitled) would no longer be boxed simultaneously as one big film, Way Matrix reloaded and Matrix revolutions:

“We do it one after the other … It has become too complicated to go from one to the other like this … We want to be able to concentrate and turn a Film, then devote ourselves to the other film. “

It has to be difficult to juggle the agendas of the (many) casting actors. However, this upheaval of the shooting plans should have no impact on the release dates of the two films, respectively dated April 25, 2018 and May 1, 2019.

The producer adds that after these two opus, the saga should take a different turn: “With Infinity War, we certainly reach a climax, if not a conclusion to all these stories, and when we do Avengers 4, We will have the 22 films that make up the first three phases of the MCU Marvel Cinematic Universe and what happens next will be very different.I do not know if there will be a phase 4 there could be a novelty . “

What does the future hold for Marvel superheroes? Would the studio consider dedicating itself to new characters and thus renewing the cast? Should we expect a change of tone? It will take his trouble patiently but one thing is for sure, Marvel Studio still has its share of surprises.