Doctor Strange 2: Scott Derrickson back but not right away

Director Scott Derrickson should be back for “Doctor Strange 2”, but not for a while.

Doctor Strange will take some holidays! According to Deadline, before returning to a Doctor Strange 2, director Scott Derrickson will stage the pilot of the Locke and Key series. And even more so, if the pilot was ordered in series, Derrickson would sign several episodes of the show, which is currently developed by the Hulu platform.

Written by Carlton Cuse (Lost), Locke and Key presents 3 brothers and sisters returning to the family home after the atrocious murder of their father. Except that they discover that the house has magic keys giving them magical powers. Except that a vicious demon is also looking for the keys, and he will not shrink from anything to get them.

Doctor Strange 2 will not be released in the coming months, but a possible sequence is not expected until 2020 and Marvel has the full head of Avengers: Infinity War, currently shooting under the direction of the Russo brothers.