After Last train to Busan, Yeon Sang-ho turns to the superheroes!

If there is a name to remember in the Korean cinema since the discovery of his “Last train for Busan”, it is that of Yeon Sang-ho. He’s already started shooting his next movie … superhero!

With 275,938 entries in France, the Last train for Busan really made a sensation! A film where an apocalypse of zombies is declared aboard a high-speed train … With this international success, Yeon Sang-ho is already starting to shoot his new opus, entitled Psychokinesis. A black comedy with a superhero in the central role.

The story tells of the fate of an ordinary man who discovers superpowers. He will use them for the benefit of his overactive daughter and his direct entourage. But in doing so, the man is quickly spotted and arouses the lusts of malevolent characters. A pitch that puts us on the path of the superhero film diverted.

After reworking the film of zombies to the South Korean method, Yeon Sang-ho deals with another kind, monopoly of the United States. He will meet the actress of Last Train for Busan Jung Yu-mi, also seen in In Another Country of Hong Sang-soo. Ryu Seung-ryong will star in the lead role.

Kim Min-jae (Poetry) and Park Jung-min (La Frappe) will also be in the credits, according to Screen Daily. Psychokinesis does not have a release date yet.